Why Choose Premium Artificial Turf in Boston Over Discount Synthetic Grass?

Premium Artificial Turf vs. Discount Synthetic Grass - Boston

Are you looking to take your yard landscaping to the next level? Then, don’t settle for anything less than the best. After all, quality is critical. That means it’s worth investing in premium artificial turf in Boston for your lawn.

To get a synthetic lawn that can stand the test of time, avoid the artificial grass in discount shops. Instead, buy one from a company that specializes in synthetic turf. Here’s why:

Synthetic Turf Superior Durability

Store-bought artificial grass is flimsy. You can’t walk or place things on it without creating creases or damaging it.

Premium artificial grass is more durable. You can walk all over it, place furniture on it, and even hold parties on it, and it’ll still look good. It can last for up to 10 years or more with minimal upkeep.

Realistic Synthetic Turf Look and Feel

Artificial turf in Boston from a discount store is often disappointing. The grass is often made of a cheap material that doesn’t look or feel like real grass. That can take away from the beauty of your landscape’s plants and decor.

In contrast, high-quality artificial grasses look and feel like real grass. They come in colors, pile heights and textures that mimic natural grass. Most people can tell them apart from the real thing, which is ideal if you want your landscape to look organic.

Option for Expert Installation

If you choose to buy discount artificial grass, you’ll have to DIY its installation. And unless you’ve laid down fake grass before, you’ll likely make mistakes as you go. Store-bought artificial grasses seldom come with installation manuals. So you’ll have to rely on online DIY videos for reference.

Meanwhile, most artificial grass companies also offer installation services. And with experts on the job, you can look forward to a fast and hassle-free set up.

Quality at the Right Price

Low-end artificial grass products are more affordable but poor in quality. They usually consist of subpar materials that wear out, take damage or discolor.

If you want your yard to look great and last for years to come, invest in high-quality artificial grass in Boston. They’re competitively priced, so don’t worry about breaking the bank. They’re usually made of premium polyethylene, polypropylene and nylon. These materials blend versatility, durability and softness.

Versatile Applications

Store-bought artificial grasses are usually only ornamental. They can’t stand up well to wear and tear. Some even take damage from people walking on them.

In contrast, premium artificial grasses often serve specific purposes. These include enhancing various places, like yards, putting greens and playgrounds. They can take the activities that these places entail without taking damage.

Moreover, some companies offer turf products that complement certain uses. For example, deodorizing infills help ensure pee and poop smells don’t linger on pet turf.

Get the Best Artificial Turf Grass Installation in Boston, MA

We know you’re looking for the best artificial grasses that are easy to maintain and can stand the test of time. And that’s exactly what we offer here at Boston Artificial Grass Experts.

We have a wide variety of premium synthetic turf products for various applications. They’re also eco-friendly, easy to maintain and safe for kids and pets. We can also help you design and install your turf.

Got questions? Fill out our contact form or call us at 857-524-9676 to contact us. We’re always happy to help!


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