Try These 10 Ways to Make Boston Artificial Grass More Fun and Exciting for Your Dog!

When many people think of a “synthetic backyard,” they imagine it as an open space with artificial grass in Boston, plants and flowers and other landscaping elements– in other words, a beautiful place to relax and spend time with friends and family.

But what about dogs? What do they want in their backyard? Dogs are not just pets but members of the family, too. As such, they also need fun things to do every time they go outside. These 10 ideas can help you get started towards creating a more engaging outdoor play space for your four-legged friend:

playing dog on artificial turf

  • 1. Set up an agility course

    Install an agility course for your canine friend so that they can have hours of fun while also providing mental and physical exercise. You can add things like tires, boxes, ropes, etc., that they have to go around or over before getting a treat as a reward.

  • 2. Treat your dog to a doggie pool

    Set up a pool for your dog to play in and cool off on hot days. To keep them safe, design your doggie pool with a sturdy, heavy-duty fence and a lock so they can’t get in it without supervision. In addition, make sure they can get in and out easily by providing a sturdy ramp or stairs.

    Don’t worry about getting your synthetic lawn muddy– no matter how much your dog splashes around, your yard will remain clean and mud-free!

  • 3. Provide a sandbox

    While dogs can’t dig through artificial turf grass installation in Boston, digging is still a natural canine instinct. Provide a sandbox or dig spot (for those dogs that enjoy digging) so your pet has an area to put their energy towards something productive and fun.

  • 4. Install climbing structures

    Add some climbing rocks, trees and other tall features in the backyard so they have plenty of places to explore and get on top of. Of course, those tall objects need to be sturdy, covered with soft material and provide excellent traction to reduce accidents. Try artificial grass!

  • 5. Build a comfortable dog house

    Add a dog house for your pet so they can enjoy the outdoors in peace, even when it’s raining or cold outside– plus, dogs love to sleep as much as they like playing!

  • 6. Create a dog pit

    Add a ball pit for your pet to play in and watch them leap over the walls in delight! Instead of (or in addition to) balls, you can also fill the pit with their favorite toys plus a few treats to switch things up!

  • 7. Install an artificial pond

    Got some extra space in your yard? Install an artificial pond with some waterfowl (the toy kind, of course) so that they can feel like they’re at the park.

  • 8. Build a dog kennel

    Add a dog enclosure so that your pet will have plenty of room to run, jump and play without getting into any trouble! This is especially useful if you have guests, or if there are parts of your lawn you want to keep off-limits from your dog.

  • 9. Add exciting scents

    Introduce new smells – a dog’s sense of smell is 40 times stronger than ours, so adding strong scents through elements like plants will help them explore their environment in a way we never could!

  • 10. Add interesting sounds

    Introduce new sounds – like their sense of smell, dogs explore the world through sounds, too. Fill your synthetic lawn with sounds that they can investigate with their ears. For instance, try installing a fountain to provide the soothing sound of running water or use birdhouses so your pet doesn’t miss natural birdsong. You can also place objects like a wind chime or an old-fashioned hand-operated bell that they can hear from afar.

Is Artificial Grass in Boston Safe for Dogs?

The short answer is yes, artificial turf for dogs is perfectly safe.

The longer answer requires a little more explanation because it entails how the turf interacts with the four-legged friends living in your backyard. Basically, as long as you buy high-quality synthetic grass that has been treated to resist UV rays and other environmental effects, then it will be fine for both you and your pet.

In addition, the best artificial grass for dogs will be a little thicker to avoid your pup from sinking in too far or pulling out the fibers when he starts playing rough.

Finally, the turf should also have some sort of special odor-neutralizing technology to help keep any smells at bay and make clean-up an easier process.

FAQs About Boston Artificial Grass for Dogs

  • ● What if my dog doesn’t like artificial grass?

    Many dogs may be hesitant to walk on artificial grass for the first few minutes and will jump off of it. However, as soon as your dog starts walking on it more often, they’ll actually start liking how it feels. Give them time, make it fun with plenty of praise and rewards and soon, your dog won’t be able to get enough of his new synthetic yard!

  • ● Does artificial grass for dogs smell bad or get dirty?

    No, it generally does not, as long as you have a consistent cleaning schedule.

  • ● What should I do if my dog goes potty on artificial turf?

    You need to remove the pee or poop as soon as possible to avoid bacteria and foul smells. Then, rinse out the spot with water and a mild detergent or soap.

  • ● Can dogs eat artificial grass?

    No, they can’t, because it’s very hard for dogs to rip synthetic grass off the backing in the first place. Furthermore, if they do manage to get the grass off the backing, artificial grass is made of materials that dogs don’t typically eat in nature like plastic or rubber. It’s simply not palatable or attractive to them!

  • ● What do I need to clean artificial grass for dogs?

    Only a hose and soap are needed. You can spray the artificial blades with water, wipe them down gently with dish soap (diluted in cold water), let it sit for about 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly until there’s no more suds left on the turf! Finally, allow it to dry before letting your dog out into the yard.

Get Started on Your Own Pet-Friendly Lawn!

Artificial turf is a great way to create an exciting and stimulating environment for your pup without having to worry about all of the maintenance that comes with natural grass or dirt. It’s easy to maintain, super durable and perfect for all levels of activity!

If you have any questions about synthetic turf or would like some help with choosing the best type of artificial grass for your dog, don’t hesitate to contact Boston Artificial Grass Experts. We’re happy to answer any questions you have when you call us at 857-524-9676 or send us a message through our website!

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