The Drainage Power of Artificial Turf in Boston

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With average annual precipitation of 43.8 inches, proper drainage is a serious concern for Boston homeowners. This makes permeability a make-or-break feature for artificial grass. 

Specifically, permeable artificial grass has tiny openings that allow rainwater to drain through the backing and base layers. This prevents any pooling or puddling on the surface, enabling exceptional drainage even during Boston’s heaviest downpours.

Key Benefits of Permeable Artificial Grass in Wet Boston Weather

Choosing artificial grass brings Boston homeowners a long list of drainage-related benefits:

No More Surface Puddling

After rainstorms, standard grass turns into a muddy mess riddled with puddles. Boston artificial turf allows precipitation to drain through quickly, leaving the surface dry and puddle-free. Kids and pets can start playing again just minutes after the rain stops.

Less Mud Tracked Indoors

Without proper drainage, real grass collects moisture below the surface. Stepping on sodden turf squeezes out mud that gets tracked onto patios and inside the home. Permeable artificial grass prevents this headache by keeping the base layers from getting overly saturated.

No Issues With Heavy Rainfalls

Boston sees some torrential downpours, especially during hurricane season. While flooded yards and swamped patios are par for the course with natural grass, synthetic turf handles even the wildest rainstorms with zero problems. The exceptional drainage capacity prevents any overflow issues.

Improved Usability After Rain

Between puddles, muck, and mud, standard lawns are a slippery, squishy mess post-rainfall. With artificial grass, the surface firms up shortly after precipitation ends. This improved traction makes synthetic turf usable again much faster compared to natural grass.

Consistent Playability and Appearance

The superb drainage provided by fake turf allows for exceptional playability and aesthetics regardless of weather conditions. The always-dry surface offers reliable safety and traction for kids and pets. And without constant puddles, artificial grass maintains a pristine, vibrant green appearance year-round.

How Artificial Grass Achieves Superior Drainage

From the turf fibers down through the base layers, every component of synthetic grass works together to allow the free flow of water.

Synthetic Turf Fabric

Quality artificial grass blades are perforated with tiny openings that allow rainwater to readily drain down to the backing layer below. The holes are microscopic, maintaining the grassy appearance.

Perforated Backing Layer

Under the turf fabric lies a perforated backing layer that allows precipitation to flow through unimpeded. Openings align with the turf perforations above to facilitate drainage.

Gravel Infill Layer

An aggregate base of gravel is loosely installed below the backing layer. The small rocks have gaps between them, creating ample void space for rainwater to drain down through the base.

Compact Gravel Sub-Base

Beneath the infill layer lies a compacted gravel sub-base. This also retains void spaces to allow moisture to disperse deeper into the ground. The compaction prevents erosion of the drainage system.

Graded Base Layer

Proper grading is applied to the ground beneath the sub-base so that rainwater can channel away from the turf area. This prevents any accumulation of moisture below the artificial grass.

Geotextile Filter Fabric

Before installation, the ground is covered with a geotextile filter fabric. This material has microscopic pores that allow water to pass through while blocking contaminants from working upwards into the drainage system.

Get Your Free Quote on Synthetic Turf in Boston

In rainy Boston, a permeable artificial grass lawn is hands-down the best solution for homeowners wanting to avoid the headache of yard flooding, surface puddling, and muddy swamps this region is infamous for.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to the swampy mess left by rainstorms and enjoy a lusciously green lawn that thrives through any type of wet weather, permeable artificial grass is the way to go.

To learn more about how artificial turf can transform your Boston property with worry-free drainage, contact Boston Artificial Grass today at 857-524-9676 to schedule your free design consultation and quote. 

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