Stagnant Water Is Dangerous to Dogs: How the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs in Boston Removes the Risks

Puddle Hazards vs. Best Artificial Grass for Dogs in Boston

Sticks, mud, and dirt aren’t the only things that can stick to your dogs when they play in puddles. They might also come home with unwanted stowaways and serious diseases. The danger never goes away if you have a natural lawn. Its soil compacts over time, making it prone to forming puddles. Fortunately, there’s a way to have a lawn where water will never stagnate. Just install the best artificial grass for dogs in Boston.

Puddles Don’t Form on Artificial Grass

Puddles don’t form on dog-friendly artificial turf because it drains water quickly. A pet turf system has a permeable backing and infill that helps ensure moisture flows through it quickly.

Expert installers can also make sure that your artificial grass installation can handle large volumes of water without any issues. For example, they might connect it to an existing drainage system in your yard. If there isn’t any, they’ll take other measures to ensure the fake grass has hassle-free drainage.

Dog Hazards That Stagnant Water Can Have

Artificial turf in Boston ensures great drainage, which means it will keep your dogs away from the various dangers that lurk in puddles, such as:

Car Coolant

When antifreeze leaks from a car’s engine, it can end up in nearby bodies of water. It might also create or seep into puddles, which dogs frequently drink from or play in. That can lead to serious health problems if they ingest enough antifreeze.

Antifreeze contains ethylene glycol—a substance that’s poisonous to dogs. It can cause kidney failure and death within two days in extreme cases.

Synthetic grass drains all moisture quickly. So even if your car leaks coolant on it, most of the liquid will drain through the turf. You can rinse or wipe off traces.


Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that can be transmitted to dogs through stagnant water. The bacteria comes from the urine of infected animals, which can contaminate stagnant water sources. If dogs drink from contaminated puddles or water sources, they may become infected with leptospirosis.

Dogs are less likely to get leptospirosis on a synthetic lawn than on a natural grass lawn. After all, Boston artificial grass doesn’t just stay puddle-free. It’s also synthetic, which means you can wash and disinfect it as much as you want.


Stagnant water is a breeding ground for giardia parasites, which can be dangerous to dogs. Giardia parasites are microscopic. They get into stagnant water by attaching themselves to the hair of animals that have passed through the area.

Dogs that drink stagnant water with giardia parasites can develop various symptoms, such as diarrhea and vomiting. Giardia parasites can live in a dog’s intestines for months after infection, causing ongoing health issues.

Synthetic turf helps keep these parasites off yards with its excellent drainage.

Keep Your Yard Puddle-Free With the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs in Boston

At Boston Artificial Grass Experts, we know your pets are part of the family and we want to make sure that they are safe, happy, and healthy. That’s why we offer pet-friendly artificial turf products that your dogs will love—and that has excellent drainage.

We can also help you design and set up your installation and ensure it has excellent drainage. Talk to our experts for tips and ideas on how to make your yard more fun for your pets using artificial grass for dogs.

If you have any questions about our turf solutions or would like to get a quote on your installation, please contact us. Call us now at 857-524-9676 or send us a message online.

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