Sky High Beauty: Rooftop Landscaping with Artificial Turf in Boston

Artificial turf in Boston is the perfect choice for revamping your rooftop. Aside from being lush and green, it provides extra protection against the elements, boosts thermal insulation, and doesn’t get slippery when wet. Because it can be fitted on so many surfaces, synthetic grass opens the door to unlimited rooftop design potential.

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Amazing Artificial Turf Landscaping Ideas for Rooftops

Since synthetic turf simplifies maintenance, you can focus on getting creative instead of worrying how to keep grass alive. Check out some of the hottest rooftop landscape trends using turf:

Define rooftop areas with synthetic turf.

It’s not uncommon for large rooftops to have multiple sections. For instance, it may have a cozy sitting area, one corner for the garden, and even a swimming pool. If your rooftop has similar divisions, artificial turf grass installation in Boston can help you define their boundaries.

First, identify the different areas of your rooftop. Then, determine which of them would benefit the most from synthetic grass installation. Places that are subjected to a ton of foot traffic (e.g., sitting area) or get exposed to moisture regularly (e.g., poolside area) should be on top of your list. Have expert installers lay down artificial grass on your chosen locations.

Design a rooftop lawn.

Nothing makes rooftop gardens more vibrant and inviting than a lush lawn. Making this happen naturally, however, is a challenging task given the location and demanding requirements of growing grass. It’ll take a lot of time, money and effort. You may also need to alter your rooftop’s structure and ensure that it can support the weight of a live lawn.

Give your rooftop oasis a beautiful lawn without these hassles using expertly installed artificial grass in Boston. Because synthetic turf is lighter than soil and its natural counterpart, there’s no need to change your rooftop drastically.

Professional installers can fit it on top of your current hardscape flooring and under your plant boxes or flower pots without issues. You can even have them integrate pavers into the installation designed to look like stepping stones or solid pathways.

Cover the “roofs” on your rooftops.

Some rooftops feature shaded structures like sheds, domes, pergolas and pavilions. If your rooftop has similar features, consider covering them with artificial grass.

Aside from creating a seamless transition throughout your rooftop landscape, it also provides extra protection against the elements. Some types of synthetic turf even have heat resistant technology. Ask your synthetic turf installer for their product recommendations if you’re interested in these features!

Get Creative with Artificial Grass!

Make your rooftop more inviting without overcomplicating its upkeep! For quick and flawless installation, let Boston Artificial Grass Experts handle your project. Our installers are pros when it comes to applications that involve artificial turf in Boston. Call us now at 857-524-9676, and let’s talk about your synthetic turf project.

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