Is Boston Artificial Grass Safe for Children?

7 Reasons Why Boston Artificial Grass Is Safe for Kids

Boston artificial grass is a splendid choice for families with children. Aside from being an attractive and low-maintenance alternative to real grass, artificial turf is safer for kids in several ways.

1. Boston Artificial Grass Complies with ASTM and CPSC Safety Ratings

Artificial grass is made from polypropylene and polyethylene, two synthetic materials that are non-toxic.

In addition, all artificial turf products sold in the United States must meet strict safety guidelines established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). These standards regulate everything from lead content to flammability.

2. It Is Soft and Springy Underfoot

The materials used to make artificial grass have a similar texture to natural grass, making it soft and squishy underfoot. This makes it ideal for children to play on as it cushions their fall if they trip or take a tumble while running around.

It also makes a great cushioned landing surface for kids playing on trampolines, swing sets and other backyard play equipment.

Did You Know?

Many nurseries and public playgrounds are investing in synthetic turf for this exact reason.

Artificial grass for playgrounds exceeds the ASTM 1292 fall height standards. This means that synthetic turf surfaces can mitigate impact and injury when children fall from a height as high as 12 feet.

3. It Drains Quickly

Kids can often be messy, but because artificial grass has a porous structure, any messes can be cleaned up easily without staining the surface.

Spills of juice or ice cream will drain away quickly so the stain will not leave a lasting impression on the surface of the grass.

Artificial grass dries quickly so there’s no need to worry about muddy footprints being left on your patio after a rainy day spent playing in the garden.

4. Artificial Turf in Boston Is Hygienic

Artificial turf provides the perfect surface for kids’ play areas. It doesn’t get muddy, so there’s no risk of them tracking dirt into the house after playing outside.

It doesn’t naturally harbor any harmful bacteria or other pathogens that could cause illness or infection either.

5. Artificial Grass Is Safe for Kids with Allergies

There is no pollen, spores, or weeds in artificial grass. It also doesn’t attract bees, wasps, and other common pests that thrive on natural grass.

If your child has hay fever or another allergy that makes it difficult for them to go outside during certain times of the year, artificial turf can make it easier for them to enjoy playing outdoors without suffering from symptoms.

6. Children Stay Clean and Come Home Clean with a Synthetic Lawn

Children play hard, and they’re going to get dirty — that’s what childhood is all about! That doesn’t mean you want them tracking dirt into the house after hours on the playground, though.

Synthetic turf means no muddy shoes or clothes after a heavy rainstorm or a vigorous play session. Kids can play on an artificial lawn as much as they want without having to worry about getting dirty or even wet.

There’s no need to change outfits when they get home because they’ll still be clean!

7. Parents Don’t Have to Spend As Such Time and Effort Maintaining the Yard

With real grass, parents have to spend time mowing and watering the lawn each week and that doesn’t include weeding and fertilizing the lawn.

Artificial turf grass installation in Boston can save parents time and effort by allowing them to skip these steps and enjoy more family time together at home or at the park instead of spending hours working in the yard each week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my children get injured on artificial grass?

Artificial grass can be installed with a shock pad to provide extra safety in case of a fall. Our artificial grass sports fields are tested to meet ASTM guidelines and are 100% lead-free.

Can my child eat the rubber infill?

Artificial grass infill is completely non-toxic and eco-friendly. However, we recommend that you keep small children away while the infill is being applied.

Is artificial grass infill safe?

Modern artificial turfs use robust, non-toxic rubber infill that are soft and easily cleaned. As long as the turf is installed properly and maintained, they’re very safe.

Is artificial grass soft enough for kids?

Yes! Today’s synthetic turf is made with a soft “thatch” that makes it feel as soft as natural grass when walking barefoot or with shoes. Many people confuse artificial grass with the old style “astroturf,” which was much harder and less realistic looking than today’s products.

Let’s Talk Artificial Turf Safety

If you love the idea of getting rid of your natural lawn, but you’re still concerned about safety, please reach out to us anytime.

The Boston Artificial Grass team would love to answer your questions and share resources you can study on your own time.

We promise when you choose us for your turf installation, you’re choosing 100% kid-friendly products that are backed by years of research, extensive testing, and continuous development.

Again, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime by calling 857-524-9676 or filling out our online form. Expect a prompt reply when you do!

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