Is Artificial Grass in Boston Better Than Concrete for Dog Yards?

Artificial Grass in Boston vs. Concrete for Dog-Friendly Yards

As a dog owner, chances are you’ve had your fair share of struggles when it comes to keeping your yard in tip-top shape. Dogs run, dig and play, which can leave even the most well-kept lawn in ruins. Pouring concrete in the space can pet-proof the area. The downside is that concrete is not the most forgiving surface for dogs. If you’re looking for a pet-friendly material that can rival concrete’s ability to withstand pet antic, consider artificial grass in the Boston area.

Downsides of Concrete for Dogs

Concrete is a great material for various spaces and landscapes, but it can be hard on dogs.Dogs that walk on concrete surfaces daily can develop calluses over their paws, which can make them uncomfortable. The calluses can also cause dogs to lose their grip while they walk on the concrete, leading to slips and falls.

In addition to causing pain, concrete can also cause injuries to dogs. If your dogs slip and hit concrete floors, they could chip a tooth or break a leg. Moreover, concrete is an unforgiving surface for dogs with mobility issues.

Concrete can also get hot enough to burn paws, especially in the summer. The hot sun can cause concrete to get extremely warm to the point that it can injure your dogs if they sit on it for too long. It also tends to dry out and irritate the skin.

Finally, concrete can be difficult to clean up after accidents because dog urine sits on its surface. It doesn’t drain fluids well. That means you’ll have pee puddles around your yard until you hose them off.

Why Artificial Grass in Boston Beats Concrete for Pet Spaces

When it comes to your dogs, you’re naturally going to want the best for them. The best way to do that is by using synthetic turf in your yard instead of concrete.

Synthetic grass is more comfortable for dogs to run and lie down on than concrete. Its fibers are soft, which means they won’t harm your dogs if they slip or roll around it. They also won’t get calluses from playing on it.

Additionally, artificial turf in Boston, MA doesn’t get as hot as concrete does in the summer months. This is because it’s made out of fibers instead of solid materials like cement or stone. Therefore, our dogs won’t burn their paws off when they walk across the surface.

Finally, cleanups are hassle-free with synthetic grass because it has great drainage. You don’t have to deal with any smelly urine puddles around your artificial lawn. Just hose down pee spots to get rid of residues and follow this guide to get rid of bad odors.

Turn Your Yard Into a Pet Paradise With an Artificial Turf Grass Installation in Boston

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