How to Prep for Synthetic Turf Installation

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Artificial grass installation: the exciting part is almost here! You’ve chosen the convenience and beauty of a low-maintenance lawn and now the big day approaches. But before the magic happens, you might have some questions. What actually goes down during installation? How can you get your yard ready? We answer this and more below.

What to Expect From Home Turf Installation

Here at Boston Artificial Grass Experts, our goal is to make the installation as pleasant and stress free for you as possible. 

Depending on the size of your project, we can usually get everything done within the day. We also try hard to minimize any disruptions to your routine and we’ve found that going over the process beforehand can really help you plan ahead.

Our installations usually go like this:

  • The Arrival: The installation crew will arrive with all the necessary tools and materials. Expect trucks, equipment, and friendly faces eager to bring your green vision to life.
  • The Site Prep: We will start by removing existing landscaping elements, leveling the ground, and installing a weed barrier. Don’t worry, they’ll ensure everything is done neatly and efficiently.
  • The Base Layer: A crucial step for stability and drainage, our crew will lay down a crushed rock or gravel base and compact it firmly. This creates a solid foundation for your new lawn.
  • The Green Magic: The moment you’ve been waiting for! The synthetic grass panels will be unrolled, meticulously cut to fit your design, and expertly seamed together. Watch your bare yard transform into a lush green paradise.
  • The Finishing Touches: The crew will secure the edges, add infill material like sand or recycled rubber for stability and aesthetics, and brush the grass for a natural look.

There might be a bit of noise, so you may want to give your neighbors a heads up. 

How to Prepare for Synthetic Grass Installation

Now that you have a better idea of what to expect, here’s how you can minimize the hassle on installation day:

  • Clear the Stage: Remove any furniture, decorations, or obstacles from the designated area. This gives our crew easy access and ensures your belongings are safe. 
  • Mark Your Territory: Clearly mark the installation boundaries with stakes, flags, or paint. Include any areas you want excluded, like flowerbeds or walkways. We can do this ourselves if you prefer, so don’t worry about it too much.
  • Utilities Matter: Contact your local utility companies to have underground lines like gas, electric, and sprinkler systems marked before the work begins. 
  • Pet Pals: If you have furry friends, keep them away from the area to keep everyone safe. 
  • Relax and Enjoy: Sit back, relax, and let our professionals work their magic! Feel free to ask questions and express your preferences, though. We love talking about artificial grass for residential homes. Also, the more information we have, the smoother and more satisfying the process will be.

Book a Free Consultation

Got more questions? Reach out to Boston Artificial Grass Experts by calling 857-524-9676 or sending us a message. Our experienced team can handle jobs both big and small, from backyards and home putting greens to playgrounds and sports fields. We also handle everything from site preparation to custom drainage solutions to maintenance needs. Throughout the process, our experts will provide recommendations so your new turf performs and looks fantastic for years. Looking forward to our chat!

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