How Artificial Turf in Boston Keeps Kids With Allergies Safe and Healthy

Why Artificial Turf in Boston Is Perfect for Kids With Grass Allergies

If you have children that have grass allergies, lawns are not safe for them. However, that doesn’t mean that your little ones will never experience the joys of playing in the grass. With artificial turf in Boston, you can give your kids the chance to enjoy a soft, realistic lawn without putting their health at risk.

What Are Grass Allergies?

People with grass allergies suffer from an allergic reaction when they come into contact with grass pollen. This reaction is caused by their immune system overreacting to the presence of that pollen in their body. It can cause inflammation and swelling in the airways, which can lead to wheezing, coughing, sneezing and other similar symptoms.

Are Grass Allergies Dangerous?

Grass allergies are not dangerous, but they can be bothersome to the affected kids and their caregivers. They can also be more severe in younger children who may have a difficult time explaining what is wrong and how they feel.

How Do Natural Lawns Trigger Allergic Reactions?

Pollen is especially concentrated in natural lawns on hot and windy days when the allergen is flying through the air everywhere.

Other causes of grass allergy include mold spores from rotting leaves and decaying plants. Dust particles that stick to blades of grass when you mow your lawn or step on them with bare feet or shoes can also trigger allergic reactions.

The good news is that you can minimize your children’s exposure to grass pollen without depriving them of a grass-covered outdoor space with artificial turf in Boston.

How Can Artificial Grass Help?

Artificial grass can help children deal with allergies in several ways:

It’s pollen-Free

Artificial grass doesn’t produce pollen, so it won’t trigger allergic reactions and hayfever in children. And because it’s not a plant, it also won’t attract bees, ants, beetles and other pollinators into your space.

It’s Permanently Short

Natural grass needs regular mowing to stay neat and short, which often leaves behind cut or loose grass blades on the ground and allergens in the air.

Synthetic turf is always short, so it doesn’t need mowing. This means there won’t be any particulates in the air that can trigger allergies. There’s also no risk of your kids encountering grass blades in your yard.

It Prevents Weed Infestations

Weeds carry allergens that can cause children to become sick. These allergens can cause rashes, hives, allergic rhinitis and other seasonal allergies.

Artificial grass in Boston is made of tough materials that weeds can’t penetrate. If your yard is home to persistent weeds, your artificial turf installers can also add a weed barrier to your synthetic turf setup.

It Has No Dirt to Contaminate the Air

Dirt, soil and sand can exacerbate allergy and asthma symptoms.

Artificial grass helps prevent this when it’s used to cover all bare soil. That way there is no dirt at all, which means that there is no chance of it entering the air and causing allergic reactions.

It Doesn’t Need Toxic Chemicals

Natural grass requires pesticides and fertilizers to stay green and healthy. Unfortunately, many of these chemicals are dangerous when inhaled, ingested or absorbed through the skin. They can trigger severe reactions in kids with allergies.

Synthetic turf doesn’t need these chemicals, so you can rest assured that your kids won’t get sick while playing outside.

Does Artificial Grass Have Other Kid-Friendly Benefits?

  • It’s safe for children
  • It’s a non-slip surface
  • It doesn’t get slippery when wet
  • It can cushion and absorb the impact of falls
  • It’s soft and easy on bare feet
  • It can be washed and disinfected after spills
  • It’s cooler than natural grass during hot days because it doesn’t reflect heat

Give Your Kids an Outdoor Safe Space With Boston Artificial Grass

Why force your kids with grass allergies to stay indoors when they can have all the fun they want outside once you install artificial turf in your yard?

Let Boston Artificial Grass Experts turn your health hazard of a yard into a safe, lush haven for your children.

Choose from our wide array of top-notch synthetic turf and take advantage of our residential installation services. Call us now at 857-524-9676 or send us a message online and let’s talk about your project!

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