Gardening with Kids Using Fun Themes and Artificial Grass in Boston

Getting kids into gardening is not that hard. First, let’s face it— wherever dirt is, kids are often close by. Next, it’s also easy to turn gardening into a game, especially if you buy them their own set of colorful tools.

In addition, it’s a great learning activity that can teach them patience, hard work and how to care for living things. Lastly, it’s a fun family activity, too!

kid friend artificial grass

If you haven’t switched to artificial grass in Boston for your backyard yet, now’s the time. Some people think they can’t grow a garden on a synthetic lawn, but you absolutely can.

In particular, it’s better for gardening in several ways:

  • Water your plants as often as required – the built-in drainage means no puddles or floods in your garden.
  • On top of that, you can use the heaviest pots and plant boxes on artificial grass without damaging it.
  • It also requires very little maintenance. Specifically, you won’t have to mow, water or fertilize your yard. As a result, focus entirely on your garden while the rest of your lawn stays green and beautiful.
  • It’s weed-resistant, so don’t worry about weeds choking your plants.
  • Artificial grass is also safe for kids! For example, it’s hypoallergenic, non-toxic and soft on children’s delicate skin.

Fun Synthetic Grass Garden Themes for Kids

It’s easier to get children into gardening if you engage all of their senses. In other words, choose plants with different colors, textures and shapes, plus aromatic blooms. You can also have them grow fruits, vegetables and herbs they can eat.

Furthermore, features that create sounds like wind chimes and water fountains will make the garden a more exciting place for kids.

As for the specific theme, let the children decide. For instance, encourage them to choose their favorite story or cartoon characters, games, hobby or animals as the theme. Invite them to use their imaginations!

Let the brainstorming begin with these ideas:

Candy Garden Theme

Spin your kid’s love for candy into a garden theme! For example, consider plants such as:

  • Chocolate cosmos
  • ‘Peppermint stick’ zinnia
  • Candytuft
  • Chocolate vine
  • Sweet alyssum
  • Candy corn plant
  • Ginger Wild cinnamon
  • Chocolate mint Fountain grass
  • Peppermint
  • ‘Candy-stick’ tulip

To make it look more fun, line the path leading up to the garden with plastic candy canes. You can also enclose the space with a picket fence and ask them to paint it themselves!

Installers can cut and fit Boston artificial grass around these features, so don’t worry about integrating them with the rest of the lawn.

Storybook Garden Theme

What’s your child’s favorite bedtime story? Bring it to life with a character-themed garden! If they love Cinderella, for instance, consider planting:

  • Lady slippers
  • Pumpkins
  • ‘Cinderella’ butterfly weed
  • Maidenhair fern

Maybe your kid loves stories like “The Princess and the Frog” or “The Frog Prince.” Accordingly, decorate the area with toadstools and even a small pond for real frogs!

Animal Garden Theme

Finally, consider creating a zoo- or barnyard-themed garden! There are so many plants named after animals, namely:

  • Monkeyflower
  • Turtlehead
  • Tiger lily
  • Dogwood
  • Ostrich fern
  • Snapdragon
  • Foxglove
  • Catmint
  • Piggyback plant
  • Bearberry
  • Owl’s clover
  • Butterfly weed

Again, decorate the garden according to the theme. For example, arrange some tables and chairs with fun animal designs. This way, they can use part of the garden to do crafts and relax.

Artificial Grass for Boston Gardens

No matter what kind of garden you have in mind, Boston Artificial Grass Experts can help. Want artificial turf in Boston around your existing trees? Maybe you’d like a Japanese garden in your backyard. We’d love to help you make it happen! Call us today at 857-524-9676 to discuss your project and get a FREE estimate.

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