Elevate Your Backyard Putting Green With Chipping Pads

Installing an artificial putting green in your own backyard allows you to practice and enhance your golf short game right at home. While putting greens provide an ideal surface for honing your putting stroke. Adding a high-quality chipping pad next to your putting green takes your golfing experience even further.

Simulate Actual Course Conditions

Chipping pads simulate realistic golf course conditions, enabling you to develop your chipping, pitching, and wedge play. The specialized turf and contouring mimics the feel of chipping off grass, dirt, sand, and rough lies you encounter on actual courses. As you chip balls onto the putting green, you build muscle memory and consistency for executing these challenging shots.

Upgrade Your Putting Green Experience with a Chipping Pad - boston

Maximize Your Available Space

Installing a chipping pad alongside your artificial putting green also makes the most of your available backyard space for golf practice. The pads are available in a range of sizes to accommodate yards big and small, and the materials used mean they can be placed right next to natural grass or landscaping without any disruption. The ability to practice chips and pitches at home eliminates the need to visit driving ranges as frequently to practice your full short game.

Choose the Right Pad for You

When selecting the right chipping pad, take into account your skill level, available space, and budget. Advanced players may prefer a larger pad size with longer chip shot options and more precise turf. Beginners can start with smaller pads focused on basic bump-and-run shots. The contouring and shape can also vary between pads to allow practicing an array of lies and conditions.

Boston Artificial Grass Experts Can Help

As Boston’s leading artificial grass installer, Boston Artificial Grass Experts specializes in enhancing backyard putting greens with custom chipping pads and other features catered to each customer’s needs. 

Reach out to the pros at Boston Artificial Grass Experts today by sending a message or calling us at 857-524-9676. We look forward to helping refine your short game right from your own home for golf season!

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