Artificial Turf in Boston: The Secret to Cleaner Homes in the Summer

Artificial Turf for Cleaner Homes in the Summer-bostonArtificial turf in Boston has been revolutionizing the aesthetics of homes around the globe for a few years now. But did you know that this evergreen solution also helps in maintaining cleanliness in your home, especially during summer?

How Do Summer Yards Make Houses Dirty?

Spending time in your yard during summer is a great way to relax. However, make sure you clean up before going indoors. You might take the following home:

Increased Dust and Dirt

The dry and hot conditions typical of Boston summers lead to heightened dust levels in the environment. This dust is not merely confined to the air but settles on surfaces around your house, particularly your yard.

Consider how often you may have seen a fine layer of dust coating your outdoor furniture, porch, or even the sides of your house on hot summer days. Plus, natural grass, with its uneven terrain and small gaps between each blade, acts as a receptacle for dust and dirt to accumulate.

The problem escalates when humans and pets traverse the lawn. For instance, when your children run around in the yard, they stir up dust and dirt, which then clings to their shoes, clothes, and bodies. Pets rolling around in the grass or digging can exacerbate this.

When they enter the house, they inevitably bring with them a significant portion of the dirt. This makes regular cleaning a daunting task, requiring frequent vacuuming, sweeping, and even potential professional carpet cleaning to maintain a hygienic environment.

Mud Puddles and Track-ins

Boston is known for its summer rain showers, and while this precipitation provides some respite from the heat, it has a downside when it comes to cleanliness.

Rainwater mixes with the dust and dirt on natural grass, forming muddy patches and puddles. These muddy areas can be fun for your kids and pets to play in, but the aftermath is far from amusing.

Muddy shoes and paws, once inside, can leave dirty prints across your floors and rugs. Cleaning these muddy tracks is a tedious task. It often involves spot-cleaning the affected areas, mopping, and potentially hiring a professional cleaner if the stains persist.

Grass Clippings and Debris

During summer, to maintain the aesthetics of a natural lawn, you often need to mow it more frequently.

Each mowing session results in a fresh batch of grass clippings. Wind, movement, or even simple lawn activities can cause these clippings to be scattered around, ultimately finding their way into your home.

The additional debris from trees shedding leaves, flowers, and seeds can also add to the mess. These elements, while small, can accumulate quickly and contribute to the overall dirtiness of your house.

It takes regular sweeping, vacuuming, and sometimes even a deep cleaning service to rid your house of this debris.

Pest Infestations

Summer is also a prime season for bugs and other pests. A natural lawn provides a suitable habitat for various insects like ants, ticks, and fleas. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to find these pests on their lawns and, eventually, inside their homes.

These intruders bring not only dirt but also potential health risks, causing the need for regular pest control services, which can be costly and involve potentially harmful chemicals. It can also involve deep cleaning of areas where pests have been found to ensure they are completely eliminated.

How Artificial Grass Helps Keep Houses Cleaner

When you install artificial turf in Boston, you get to enjoy the following benefits that make it a breeze to keep homes clean:

1. Minimized Dust and Dirt

Artificial grass has an even and compact surface, offering no room for dust and dirt to accumulate. The grass blades are made from synthetic materials that don’t disintegrate or crumble, which dramatically reduces dust production.

Unlike a natural lawn, where dust can be stirred up by the slightest movement, artificial grass holds the existing dust down. This prevents it from sticking to shoes, clothes, or pet fur. The result? Significantly less dust entering your home, meaning less frequent and intensive cleaning chores for you.

2. No More Mud Puddles

Boston artificial grass features a built-in drainage system designed to quickly and efficiently disperse water. This system prevents the formation of puddles, which eliminates the issue of mud completely.

The artificial turf remains dry and clean even after a heavy downpour. Your kids and pets can play to their heart’s content without becoming mud-caked messes that you’ll need to clean up later.

3. Zero Grass Clippings and Debris

The beauty of artificial grass lies in its low maintenance requirements. It maintains its green, lush appearance without the need for regular mowing, so you can say goodbye to grass clippings.

Moreover, Its synthetic nature also makes it less attractive to pests and weeds, reducing the likelihood of additional debris. This means you won’t have to spend your weekends sweeping up clippings and debris that’s been tracked into your home.

4. Pest-Free Environment

Unlike natural grass, artificial grass doesn’t provide food or a suitable environment for pests to thrive. This feature significantly reduces the likelihood of bugs making their way into your home during the summer.

In short, an artificial turf grass installation in Boston reduces the need for frequent deep cleanings and pest control services. You get to enjoy a cleaner home with less effort, time, and cost.

Say Goodbye to Tedious Cleanups

Artificial grass is not just about aesthetics. It’s also about providing a cleaner, more hygienic home environment. It’s an investment in cleanliness, health, and peace of mind, especially during the summer when the challenges of maintaining a natural lawn can contribute to a dirtier home.

Are you tired of constantly cleaning your home during summer due to a messy lawn? Reach out to Boston Artificial Grass Experts for premium synthetic turf products and solutions. Call us now at 857-524-9676 or send us a message online for a free consultation!

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