Artificial Turf in Boston Makes it Easier to Have the Perfect Backyard Putting Green

There’s nothing stopping a family of avid golfers having a personal course in their own home. All that’s needed is careful planning fueled by the love of the game.

Planning a backyard course can be obverwhelming because there just seems to be no end to the possibilities. Before giving in to the excitement, first decide on a few key aspects and the course planning will be well underway. Remember that as golfers, you already know exactly what a good golf course needs. Just keep those factors in mind and designing a personal putting green will become a more manageable project.

putting green backyard

The key to creating a personal putting green is installing artificial turf on your Boston yard. This is because it provides both the versatility and the consistency a great putting green needs. However, before jumping right into the installation, decide on a few necessary features.

Get Started on Your Putting Green

It’s exciting to think that in just a few short weeks, the yard will be transformed into a personal golfing haven. Start planning by addressing these three things and watch your dream putting green unfold right in your own backyard.

Available space

Map out where the putting green will be going. Take stock of just how big the putting green can realistically be and what shape will make the most of the available space. This way, every free inch can be put towards creating a memorable course.

To make the most of a putting green, work within the available space without compromising the quality. To achieve this, it’s ideal to use artificial grass in Boston homes to create the backyard course. Unlike natural grass that needs certain conditions to flourish, even the most irregular spaces can fit artificial turf by making it highly customizable and easy to manage.


Part of the joy of having a backyard putting green is being able to control exactly how the golf green is laid out. After mapping out the boundaries of the putting green, decide on the kind of terrain to play on. Customize the difficulty of the course by deciding if the terrain runs flat or hilly. Replicate a beloved green or a course you are yet to beat. Make the most ridiculously challenging imaginable. Or maybe just set an easy course so the kids can have just as much fun too.


Imagine getting home and wanting to unwind with a few rounds of golf only to find a course that’s too dark to play on. The carefully planned and designed course is now not being used right when it’s needed the most.

To avoid this happening, make sure to add strategic lighting in the plotting of a backyard putting green. Any wires or fixtures can be laid out during the artificial turf grass installation for any Boston backyard putting green. To flood large areas of the course with a light, place down lighting on trees or any elevated spot. Add in directional path lights at ground level around the perimeter to light up more details on the course improving visibility for any dips and rolls on the course.

Own a Putting Green That’s Par for Course

Your personal synthetic putting green deserves nothing but the best. Fortunately, artificial turf Boston experts are just a call away. Reach us at 857-524-9676 for a free quotation.

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