A Comprehensive Guide to Building the Perfect Pet Run With Best Artificial Grass for Dogs in Boston

Dogs love playing outdoors, but you can’t always take your canines out on walks or supervise them when they’re playing in your yard. A pet run offers the perfect solution to this problem. It lets dogs spend time outside unsupervised without running the risk of escaping or getting into trouble. Build yours with the best artificial grass for dogs in Boston, and you’ll enjoy various benefits that dog runs with natural turf can’t match.

A Comprehensive Guide to Building the Perfect Pet Run With Best Artificial Grass for Dogs in Boston

Why Synthetic Grass Is Ideal for Pet Runs

Artificial turf is the perfect flooring material for indoor and outdoor pet friendly spaces, as it boasts the following qualities:

  • Dog-Proof

    Synthetic turf can withstand the antics of even the naughtiest dogs. No amount of determined digging can penetrate its surface. Pet waste also can’t burn or turn artificial grass blades yellow, even when you failed to remove and clean them up immediately.

  • Weather Resistance

    Harsh weather conditions can’t harm artificial grass in Boston. Even if your pet run is located in an unshaded or flood-prone area, you can expect its synthetic turf to look as beautiful as the day of its installation with minimal upkeep.

  • Easy to Maintain

    It doesn’t take much to maintain artificial grass. Remove pet waste from its surface, rinse the affected area to remove residues, and brush up its synthetic fibers occasionally to keep them upright. Use a soap solution and a plastic brush to wash off stubborn stains and unpleasant odors.

Crucial Considerations When Building a Pet Run

Consider the following factors when you plan your dog run to make sure it’s safe, comfortable and pet-friendly:

  • Location

    Your pet run should be someplace in your yard that’s near enough to your home that you can easily check on your canine when necessary. Ideally, it should be somewhere shaded to keep your pooch safe from heat stroke and exhaustion during hot days.

  • Size

    How big your pet run should depend on the size of your dog. Small to medium canines typically need at least thirty square feet to have ample space to run around. Large dogs usually need more than fifty square feet. Establish the dimensions of your pet run. Then, purchase synthetic turf that’s a little over what you need to cover it, so you’ll have extra material on hand if necessary.

  • Safety

    Make sure your pet run is secure enough to keep your pet in and unwanted critters out. Fortify its borders and consider investing in mesh fencing. Don’t worry about floor-related dog hazards. Artificial turf in Boston gives pet runs a lush, paw-friendly flooring. Because it covers the floor completely, it protects soft pads from scrapes due to sharp rocks and edged terrain.

Ensure a Perfect Installation With Expert Artificial Turf Services

Boston Artificial Grass Experts is your one-stop-shop for all things synthetic turf. We never use less than the best artificial grass for dogs in Boston for all our pet-oriented installations.

Depending on your needs and preferences, our professional installers can also equip your pet run with deodorizing infill to diminish lingering odors from dog waste.

Let us help you create an outdoor paradise for your canine. Call us now at 857-524-9676 to learn more about how we can help you accomplish your project!

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