8 Tips for Backyard Holiday Parties on Artificial Turf in Boston

Planning an outdoor bash for the coming holidays? If you already have artificial turf in Boston, MA then your party prep is halfway done! 

Unlike real grass, you don’t have to worry about getting your lawn party-ready. It’s going to look absolutely perfect, whether you’re gearing up for a casual Christmas reunion or a formal dinner under the stars.

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Here are a few tips to make the most of your synthetic lawn during your party or event.

Tip #1: Let Everyone Know The Party Will Be Outside

Boston winters are no joke! Give them the heads-up so they’ll dress accordingly. You may also want to set out some extra shawls or jackets in case people forget.

Tip #2: Get Creative With Your Decorations

Artificial lawn is the perfect surface for your holiday decorations. You can use pretty much any design accent ornaments, centerpiece, etc., without worrying about whether they will damage your artificial grass!

For instance, try using garlands to add a winter wonderland effect. Or place some artificial trees on top of your lawn and surround them with lights and ornaments.

Tip #3: Add Lots of Lighting with Artificial Turf

The extra shine makes everything sparkle, especially when it comes to holiday parties! Try combining different lights, such as a string of lights and outdoor lamps, to really dazzle your guests.

Tip #4: Make Sure There’s Enough Seating

Boston artificial grass is incredibly comfortable, even on bare feet. But you’ll still want to make sure there are enough seats for everyone at your Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas Day brunch or whatever you have planned.

We recommend avoiding furniture with sharp legs, as this can puncture the turf. Instead, try using soft furniture such as beanbags, sofas and ottomans. Or, soften the ends of furniture legs by taping a bit of padding to the bottom.

Tip #5: Remember the Food and Drinks

No holiday party is complete without them! Make sure there’s enough food to go around and that it’s easy enough for your guests to serve themselves. For drinks, don’t forget about beverages in coolers or ice chests.

Worried about spills and stains on your synthetic lawn? Don’t be. Cleaning up spilled foods and drinks (and even pet accidents) is incredibly easy on artificial turf. Simply hose down the surface and sweep up to clean!

Tip #6: Screen Off All Fire Sources

If you plan on grilling for your holiday get-together, do observe a few precautions. For instance, place it as far as way as conveniently possible from your artificial grass. While synthetic turf won’t go up in flames, sparks can singe the blades. Always keep a fire extinguisher on hand, too. Got a fire pit? Keep the screen on to keep embers in check.

Tip #7: Have a Plan B In Case of Rain or Snow

Everyone loves a good outdoor party, but mother nature can have other plans for us. Make sure you’re ready! For example, set up a tent or tarp over your party area. You can even make it festive, with lights or artificial trees underneath.

Tip #8: Invite Furry Guests, If You Wish!

If you’re hosting a pet-friendly holiday party, then make sure your canine friends are also in on the fun! And always keep a few food and water bowls out for your furry friends so they don’t get hungry or thirsty.

They can’t damage artificial turf grass installation in Boston, so you can enjoy their company instead of worrying about what shenanigans they’re up to!

After-Party Cleaning Tips for Synthetic Grass

1. Pick Up All Food and Party Supplies

Make sure everyone is aware of this before the party starts. Ask guests to pick up after themselves so you can clean up quickly and easily afterward.

2. Sweep Away Debris found in Artificial Turf

Use a push broom or a leaf blower, depending on how big your space is, to sweep away any leaves, trash or other debris that has fallen onto artificial turf in Boston.

3. Hose Down Spills and Stains in Artificial Turf

A garden hose with a spray attachment works best for this task. You can also use a small scrub brush or mop to wet and then wipe down any fabrics that got stained. For deep stains, you may need to get on your hands and knees and scrub harder.

4. Enjoy Your Artificial Lawn!

Once you’ve cleaned up, your synthetic lawn will still be in perfect shape! It’s ready for another party, a relaxing day alone or whatever you want to do next in your artificial yard.

Now, if you still don’t have artificial grass, it’s time to give yourself the gift of a green, lush and low-maintenance lawn!

Click here or call Boston Artificial Grass Experts at 857-524-9676 to learn more about how you can transform your yard into an inviting, low-maintenance and gorgeous space for all occasions using synthetic turf.

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