7 Serious Signs It’s Time to Invest in Artificial Turf Grass Installation in Boston

artificial turf grass installation

Certain things in life are inevitable. One of those things is having to replace aka reseed or re-sod. Your natural lawn because of wear and tear. And if you’re reading this, chances are that your lawn needs replacing now or soon. The signs below should help you take the next step towards a greener future, aka artificial turf grass installation in Boston, MA!

1. Your grass has been patched up too many times to count

If you’ve been patching up your lawn with new grass, seeds and topsoil because of bare spots, then it’s about time you took a vastly different approach to landscaping.

Not only are these patches a pain to fix. They are also unsightly and eventually cause more damage than before.

With artificial grass in Boston, you’ll never see a bare spot in your yard again—just a green, pristine lawn that looks lush from every angle.

2. The grass never seems to grow back after you’ve trimmed it

It’s a well-known fact that you should care for and properly maintain your lawn to ensure optimal health. This includes trimming the grass twice a month throughout the summer months, at least!

If you’re doing all of that but still can’t get your grass to grow back. Chances are the roots have been too stressed out by heat, cold, air pollutants, etc. Because of this, the grass never regrows properly because it started off stunted to begin with.

If you’ve tried everything to fix this problem, artificial grass is your answer! It’s made of synthetic fibers that will never be affected by weather or seasonal changes.

3. Artificial Turf doesn’t have a grass that is always turning yellow in places

Yellow patches in your lawn are usually caused by drought or fungal diseases. Neither of these conditions is good for the health of your grass. Especially if they’re allowed to persist for several weeks or even years at a time.

Additionally, those yellow patches may be caused by your dog urinating on that section of your lawn, which can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria that will only exacerbate the yellowing.

Unless you can magically control the weather or eliminate dog urine from your yard, it’s time to get rid of the grass and replace it with something that will never turn yellow: synthetic turf!

4. Your lawn is always flooded with water

If your lawn is constantly flooded with water, whether because of a broken sprinkler system or rain, it may be time to replace it for good.

Not only can flooding lead to the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi that will damage the overall health of your yard, but also cause the grass roots to rot over time.

On top of that, no one likes stepping on mud, which is an inevitable part of having a lawn made of real grass.

If you’re tired of walking through a soaked yard or cleaning mud off your floors, pets and furniture, you should seriously consider going synthetic.

Artificial lawns are supported by an efficient drainage layer that will prevent any excess water from pooling and seeping into your yard. The turf itself is porous, which means your lawn will dry out more quickly whenever it gets wet.

5. Artificial Turf prevents weeds choking out your lawn

In their search for nutrients, weeds have a tendency to reach up through the existing grass and then attempt to grow wherever they see fit.

Over time, as more and more weeds appear, your lawn becomes choked out as fewer light particles reach its blades.

Without proper sunlight, the grass will naturally start dying off— giving way to even more weeds and leading to an ugly cycle that’s almost impossible to escape.

Unless you can find a way to completely eradicate those weeds, the wiser solution is to upgrade your yard with the highest-qualityartificial turf in Boston.

First, this removes all existing weeds from your yard, because part of the installation process is clearing out several inches of soil. Next, weeds won’t be able to grow through synthetic grass because of the weed barrier.

In the rare case that a few weeds do grow through artificial turf, they usually have weak and shallow roots, making them a breeze to pull out.

6. Everyone in your family is always sneezing and coughing

Outdoor elements like pollen, dirt and bacteria can trigger allergies when they make contact with human skin or fur. If someone in your household has allergies, it may be time to invest in artificial grass.

Synthetic turf is made of hypoallergenic materials and it doesn’t produce major allergens like pollen. Additionally, the lack of soil in the synthetic grass prevents dust build-up. Other outdoor contaminants—helping you create a safer and more welcoming space for everyone.

But it’s not just people who will benefit from an allergy-free yard.

Pets can also suffer when they spend too much time outside. Especially if your pet sheds or has skin that easily absorbs outdoor contaminants. Additionally, pets with allergies may benefit from a synthetic grass lawn if pollen or dirt exacerbates their symptoms.

7. You’re tired of bugs invading your yard

As the temperatures begin to warm up, insects like mosquitoes and ants start looking for places to nest. Often in the form of grassy lawns.

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in moist soil or puddles, creating a prime environment for those larvae to grow into adults capable of causing diseases and itchiness.

Ants will often build nests in the soil and grass itself. Which means you’ll probably find them crawling in and out of your yard on a daily basis. Both insects can be major nuisances when they leave their nests to find food or water. Which will happen quite frequently if they make it into your lawn.

If you constantly fight off bugs from your lawn, then you stand to benefit from artificial turf grass installation in Boston, Massachusetts. It denies insects food, shelter and breeding opportunities, making your lawn inhospitable to these pests.

Ready to Make the Artificial Turf Switch?

We know that this can be a very big decision and we want to make sure you feel 100% confident in your choice.

Boston Artificial Grass Experts are ready to answer any question you have. Whether that’s how long your new lawn will last or what kind of maintenance is required. Our experts are here to help!

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