3 Special Features You Can Add to Artificial Turf for Boston Putting Greens

Artificial turf in Boston gives golfers the best of both worlds. As a result, you get unlimited tee time minus the hassles of playing on a range!

Finally, no more scrambling to find free time on the weekend so you can play. Say goodbye to spending a ton of money on gas or wasting time driving over to the course. Get your clubs, step out back and start playing!

Moreover, you can up the challenge by installing extra features on your backyard putting green.

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How to Make Your Putting Green More Exciting

With an experienced installer, the sky’s the limit on how you can customize your green. For example, try these three ideas:

1. Integrate Challenging Terrains

First, owning a synthetic putting green means deciding how difficult you want your course to be. For instance, installers can add hilly terrains and undulations. They can integrate your existing terrain or design a new one as well.

2. Add a Chipping Pad

Next, add a synthetic chipping pad to improve your chip shots! Likewise, you can also add different cuts of fringe and roughs.

Boston artificial grass can handle the force of any swing, so don’t worry about damaging it. No matter how hard you hit the surface, your club can’t hack or uproot patches of grass and soil.

3. Install Bunkers or Sand Traps

How many times have you been trapped in a bunker without knowing how to get out? At last, you can master bunker shots by installing a trap in your own golf course!

If you want a sand trap onas part of your green, make sure you get a professional to install it. Unfortunately, rainwater can destroy sand traps without exit or French drains. Installers know how to design drainage to prevent flooding the sunken elevation.

More Benefits of Backyard Putting Greens

Aside from challenging players, backyard putting greens are also:

  • Easy to maintain

    No need to splurge on maintenance! Since backyard putting greens need almost no upkeep, you can focus on the game. In particular, you only have to pick up debris, brush it from time to time, and that’s it!

  • Safe for kids and pets

    Got little ones and pets at home? Artificial grass is non-toxic, non-slip, and hypoallergenic. Furthermore, it’s soft enough to cushion trips and falls from playful kids and pets.

  • Lasts for many years

    Backyard putting greens are a long-term investment. Specifically, they can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years or longer. That’s more than a decade’s worth of golf!

Build the Perfect Backyard Putting Green Using Artificial Turf

Make the most out of your backyard putting green! The best artificial turf in Boston can handle any design you have in mind. Again, this includes everything from extra holes to complicated slopes.

Ready to get started? Contact the pros of Boston Artificial Grass Experts at 857-524-9676!

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