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Certified Professionals

Certified Professionals

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Boston Artificial Grass: For a Flawless, Green Lawn with None of the Hard Work

With Boston artificial grass, you never have to worry about yard work again! That’s right – no more watering, fertilizing, mowing or reseeding all those bare patches on your lawn. Spend your free time relaxing in your garden, playing with your pets or hosting a fun outdoor gathering with friends and family.

Enjoy the best parts of having a beautiful, grassy backyard with none of the stress and hassle!

Key Benefits of Synthetic Turf

Many homeowners dream of having an outdoor sanctuary complete with green and lush grass. Unfortunately, the reality is just the opposite.

It takes so much effort, time and money to keep grass alive. Throw other responsibilities to the mix – such as work, personal commitments and family – and a natural lawn just doesn’t seem worth it.

But don’t give up the yard of your dreams just yet! Artificial grass is designed to give you a phenomenal backyard experience with none of the hard work. Check out why so many homeowners have made the switch:

Minimal maintenance

Artificial grass requires very little upkeep. Unlike a natural lawn, you only need to rinse down dirty spots and brush it from time to time to keep it lush. Say goodbye to tedious lawn chores for good!

Completely safe

Thanks to advanced turf technology, artificial grass is safer than ever. It’s hypoallergenic, non-toxic and completely safe for children and pets.

Environmentally friendly

Synthetic grass may be artificial, but its eco-friendly benefits are very real. Our turf products are made from sustainable materials. Since it can last for up to 15 years or more, it doesn’t contribute to landfill waste after its life is over especially since it’s recyclable as well.

Add the fact that it helps conserve water and lessens the amount of toxic chemicals such as pesticides that gets released into the environment, and it’s the perfect complement to a green lifestyle!

All-Year Beauty

Never worry about rain, sun or snow damaging your backyard again. Artificial grass is resistant to seasonal changes and harsh weather. It stays thick, green and well-manicured all year long.

Durable and long-lasting

It doesn’t matter how much you use your synthetic landscape – with just a bit of care, it can serve you for more than a decade or longer. As your installers, we will also protect your investment with fantastic warranties for total peace of mind.

Artificial Grass for Every Need and Lifestyle

Want a pet-friendly dog run in your yard? Looking for a soft surface for your kid’s playground? Interested in having a putting green  installed? Boston Artificial Grass Experts has you covered.

With over 10,000+ successful installations to date, we can help you with virtually any project:

Aside from artificial turf grass installation in Boston, we can also assist you through the design process.

Get Your Project Started!

It only takes one call to get the ball rolling on the backyard of your dreams. We’ve served tens of thousands of happy clients throughout Massachusetts, and we’re ready to do the same for you! Contact Boston Artificial Grass Experts at 857-524-9676 for inquiries and to receive a free estimate.

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Tired of growing and mowing your lawn? Maybe it’s high time you try artificial turf. Not only does this need less maintenance, but it’s also quite appealing and offers unparalleled underfoot comfort. We install high-quality artificial grass to properties in many areas in Massachusetts, particularly Boston. If you are interested in installing artificial grass on your backyard or front garden today, then contact us by filling out the online form.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS ONLY A MAILING ADDRESS. WE DO NOT HAVE AN OFFICE. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Boston Artificial Grass Experts to find out more. Our team can walk you through your artificial turf options, as well as the processes we employ in installing them. We might even be able to offer some creative ideas, if you ever need them.

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